The Gothic Person

Long time ago there lived an enormous scary man called Chris. Chris was the king of goth. One day a boy called Bob went past the gothic person’s house. He looked at the horror house and said “I’m brave so I am going to go into the house. After a while the boy opened the door. Quickly, the door shut.

Bob was starting to feel scared so he started running to the door, but the door was locked.

After 2 minutes a person’s shadow was behind him. When Bob looked back he saw a person with black hair, black eyes, black clothes and a black snake around his neck.

Later, the gothic person said some weird words “Aklablacicado”. The the snake around the gothic person’s neck slithered toward Bob and bit him. The gothic person vanished from the horror house.

After a while Bob’s uncle looked at his magic ball and saw Bob lying on the ground, so Bob’s uncle flew there on his broom stick.

When Bob’s uncle reached the house he said some spells too “Lookuplookupcureyoup”. When Bob got up he said “Let’s take revenge”. So they lifted off and followed the gothic person.

Bob saw the gothic and said “There he is! There!” So Bob’s uncle said “Flip flip flitily flip”. The gothic person’s broom stick turned around and he fell down.

Everyone in town was happy because the gothic person died.


My name is strong Sherry

I was born in Australia.

I am 10 years old.

I have one brother and one sister.

Both of them have finished school.

My favourite subject is Maths because it is way too easy for me.

A good friend is someone who plays with me.

Scientific Investigation

My question is Can plants grow with soda water?


I predict that it will not grow

This is what I need:


-Soda Water




-2 plastic cups

  1. First I will put soil and fertiliser into both plastic cups and make holes to put the seeds in.
  2. After that I will pour some soda water in one of plastic cup.
  3. In the other plastic cup I will add water.
  4. Finally Im going to water it with soda water and see if it grows.

 Photo taken by Sherry

Life in England

My name is John I am a boy. I live in England. Lots of people are poor. I live with my uncle and aunty. My parents died. I work for a rich man. I have to clean the house, wash the dishes and clean his clothes. I lost my job because I didn’t clean the house properly. He took all of my money and kicked me out.

I started stealing food because I had no money. The shopkeeper saw me. He put me in a dark cell until the Bobbies came. When the Bobbies came they put me in the prision hulk. It was too squashed . The government decided to put us on The Prince Of Wales. When we got to Botany Bay we saw some Eora people.

We gave them some presents. The Eora people threw it away. Captain Arthur Phillip said “Cut down some of these trees and put up some tents.” The Eora people left their land but some stayed.

The Policeman

One day a bank was robbed. Later that day the owner of the bank called the policeman.

He said “The bank was robbed.”

The policeman man said “I’m on my way.”

When the policman arrived he saw an old man in disguise.

The policman went upto him and said “I know it’s you so take your mask off otherwise I will shoot you.”

The old man didn’t care and he ran off. The policeman chased him. The policeman dove for the old man’s legs. At last he caught the robber. The policeman took off the robber’s mask. He saw that the robber was his brother Max! The policeman had no choice. He had to arrest his own brother.

When the policeman turned around he saw the bank manager lying on the floor with some blood on his head.

The policeman said “There is another case for me.”

The policeman got into his jeep and started driving. Suddenly the policeman saw the bad guy on a plane. The policeman said “I saw that the owner was lying. I’m going to arrest the bad guy.” So the policeman drove full speed to catch up with the plane. When the policeman arrived at the airport the flight for America was about to take off. The policeman ran as fast as he could . He jumped so high that he grabbed the fin of the aeroplane. His hands were slipping off. And any second now he will drop but then he remebered that policemen never give up. At last he got to the top of the plane. He told the pilot “To land” so the pilot did what the policeman said. The owner was worried but bad luck for him he got arrested.

How to tell time

Hey our class is learning about time. We are learning quarter past, half past and quarter to. Do you know how to tell the time?

To tell the time the short arrow is the hour hand and the long arrow is the minute hand. The hands turn in a clockwise direction. There are twelve numbers on the clock. There are digital clocks and analog clocks.

When the long hand points to the twelve the time starts again.The digital clock doesn’t have any hands.

Learning about time is fun and easy. When the long hand goes to the 6 that means it is half past and when it goes to twelve that means it is o’clock. The best way I like to tell time is using a digital clock because it is soo easy. If you don’t know take some of my ideas.

clock by Sheri